I signed up for Kelly’s class because I was interested in doing something creative in a group setting. I pretty much like anything to do with art. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed everything we did. It was all new to me which I loved.

Wire wrapping was fun to learn. I’ve tried to do some things on my own that I found online. I’ll probably do more since I don’t really need too many supplies for it.

I loved the metal embossing and cutting and hammering! That was my favorite! I liked the variety of metals and textures we had to use. I can see why Kelly loves jewelry making so much. It’s so fun to make and beautiful to wear!

I thought Kelly’s demonstrations were straight forward and to the point, giving plenty of time to work on what we wanted to. It was nice the way she let us decide on what interested us individually. I loved seeing everyone else’s ideas!

It was a great class!
— Becky, Camillus, NY

I had not worked with metal before and took a class on cutting, texturing, coloring, shaping metal. I found Kelly to be very easy to work with, very approachable and friendly.
I would recommend the classes I took (Wire Wrapping and Pattern, Texture, Color). We did quite a few interesting things in the time we had.

I found Kelly to be very patient and no question was silly or dumb. The projects in our classes were interesting and varied. I had not worked with memory wire before.

Overall, Classes were a pleasure!
— Julie, Fayetteville, NY

I learned how to make some earrings and bracelets and how to make the necklace I wanted to. I also got to spend time with some really cool and interesting people.
Kelly was very mellow and easygoing, easy to follow and patient. I enjoyed working with Kelly!

Class was fun, low key, and you go home with a neat piece of jewelry that YOU made. Even if jewelry making is new to you, like it was for me, you’ll probably have a good time because it’s not intimidating working with Kelly and I just thoroughly enjoyed the class.
— Amy, Syracuse, NY