The Jewelry Making Journey


Hi There,

I'm Kelly Diemond (pronounced "diamond" like the ring) and I've been making and selling jewelry since 2013 when my neighbor and I started making wine charms at my kitchen island (you know, so she wouldn't drink my wine...)

We quickly became enamored with jewelry making and sought out classes in Syracuse, NY but sadly, none were to be found. Google became our friend and we started piecing together what we could from free tutorials.

Eventually, I outgrew online tutorials and began traveling to Rochester, Utica and Philadelphia to take classes and learn as much as I could about soldering, enameling and metal work. I'm still an avid learner and part of my mission is to invite guest artists to teach in the studio as well, so I can continue to follow my never-ending quest to gather new techniques that I might incorporate into my work.

Metal Morphosis is a studio where you can feel at home if you've never made jewelry before. I want to show you how you can set up a little shop of your own in your home, with just a few key tools. You don't need a fancy torch, right out of the gate, you will learn many things you can do with a small butane torch and a firing brick.

If you’re not a jewelry maker and just love jewelry, I welcome you to browse in the online store or visit us (my daughter often joins me) at an upcoming show.

Whatever your interest, Metal Morphosis is here to ignite your transformation.

I look forward to connecting with you,

xo Kelly